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Flush Universal Removable Plastic Access Door with Exposed Flange

snap friction latch

The removable plastic access panel, with UV stabilizers, is ideal for flush or surface mounting.

  • Installation Walls and ceilings
  • Material Plastic
  • Locking mechanism Snap friction catch
  • Hinge No hinge
  • Flange Exposed flange


Technical specifications and dimensions

  • Material

    High impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers

  • Hinge

    No hinge type

  • Locking mechanism

    Snap friction catch and removable door

  • Flange

    2 1/4" exposed flange, 2 1/4" exposed flange, 3" exposed flange, 3" exposed flange (width) X 3 1/4" (height)

  • Frame

    No frame

  • Finish

    White textured finish

  • Packaging

    Individually wrapped, 1 door per box

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Dimensions (Inches)Dimensions (Millimeters)Weight (LBS)Weight (KG)
* 6 X 9152 X 2290.50.22
* 8 X 8203 X 2030.50.22
* 14 X 14356 X 3561.950.88
* 14 X 29356 X 7374.5502.06
* All dimensions are written in the following order: Width X Height Rough opening = 6 3/8" X 6 3/8" Rough opening = 8 3/8" X 8 3/8" Rough opening = 14" X 14" Rough opening = 14" X 29 1/2"

Technical drawings

  • RPL EN face 2
  • RPL EN cote 2

Technical documentation


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  • Stocked in Montreal
  • Stocked in Montreal & USA
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Dimensions Product SKU
6 X 9 RPL-06X09-00
8 X 8 RPL-08X08-00
14 X 14 RPL-14X14-00
14 X 29 RPL-14X29-00

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    Flush Universal Surface Mounted Access Door with Exposed Flange

    screwdriver operated cam latch, piano hinge

    The access panel sits directly on the wall and can be easily installed with fasteners on each corner.

    • Installation Walls and ceilings
    • Material Cold rolled steel
    • Locking mechanism Screwdriver operated cam latch
    • Hinge Piano hinge
    • Flange Exposed flange
    • Size Other sizes available upon request
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    FLEXISNAP - Flush Universal Access Door with Adjustable Frame and Magnetic Closing

    concealed magnets, security cables

    FlexiSnap is a magnetic access door with powerful magnets that hold the sturdy metal panel in place. The adjustable frame adapts to different openings.

    • Installation Walls and ceilings
    • Material Cold rolled steel
    • Locking mechanism Concealed magnets
    • Hinge No hinge
    • Flange Hidden flange
    • Size Available in 3 different sizes