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Come grow with us!

Careers, Cendrex

Values and Management Philosophy

Work in an environment where health and safety are a priority.

Benefit from a participatory management philosophy.

Work for a company whose values are rooted in respect, integrity, rigour and ongoing improvement.
Careers, Cendrex

Employee Benefits

Earn a competitive salary.

Enjoy a profit-sharing plan upon arrival.

Benefit from a group pension and group insurance plan.
Careers, Cendrex

Develop Employability

Increase your knowledge and skills in-house.

Become a press brake operator or an industrial painter.

Lean how to operate soldering and cutting machinery.

Join the winning Cendrex team!

Looking for a job? Want to work in a growing company that will help you further develop your skills and offer you great career prospects while allowing you to benefit from a profit-sharing plan? Apply for a job with Cendrex! 


The Cendrex team is focused on a single goal: providing our clients with the best possible products.

Cendrex’s philosophy

Our philosophy of ongoing improvement is centered on a constant quest to offer our clients added value, the continuous development of our employees and respect for our environment, allowing us to work more effectively in safe, stimulating and respectful surroundings.  


Cendrex has implemented a training program for employees in entry-level positions, upgrading their skills in specific areas and increasing their knowledge. In the process, we enable every employee to develop expertise in more than one area, thus enhancing their skills and versatility.  


At Cendrex, the administration is attuned to its employees. It invites all employees to engage in discussions with them, whenever they deem it necessary, to propose new ways of doing things. Conducive to innovation, this approach allows us to improve our production processes and, by the same token, the quality of our products. It is perfectly consistent with our corporate culture, which favours values rooted in respect, integrity, rigour and ongoing improvement.