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Careers, Cendrex
Careers, Cendrex


At Cendrex, we open doors for you

 We listen to your aspirations, your challenges and your vision, and we provide job opportunities that will help you grow.

We leverage our innate sense of teamwork and our common desire to deliver reliable products of exceptional quality that honour our customer promise! We care about getting the job done well and ensuring the well-being of our employees.

Join the extended Cendrex family and take advantage of new and exciting career opportunities!


Careers, Cendrex

A competitive salary

Careers, Cendrex

Profit sharing with employees,twice a year, after three months of employment

Careers, Cendrex

A group pension and insurance plan

Careers, Cendrex

A weekday schedule and social activities



  1. You will have a training program and personalized follow-up to assist in your progress, autonomy and motivation.
  2. You will work with an experienced employee and benefit from his or her know-how through the buddy system, under our Workplace Learning Program (WLP).
  3. You will have the opportunity to learn a new trade and obtain your certificates of competency for the following positions:
  • Press brake operator
  • Industrial painter
  • Specialized equipment operator: shears and spot welding equipment


  1. You will have access to ongoing training, conferences and webinars.
  2. You will be eligible for tuition fee reimbursement of $1,000 per year
  3. You can strike a balance between your personal and professional life with our work-life balance program.
  4. You will have the opportunity to telework two days a week.
Careers, Cendrex
Careers, Cendrex


Our philosophy is based on the principle of continuous improvement. This is reflected in a constant effort to create value for our customers and a focus on professional development for our employees.

At Cendrex, we want to provide you with a safe and healthy work environment in which you will feel comfortable and want to participate. To achieve this, we offer training to minimize the risk of work-related accidents. We are committed to keeping you safe at work.

Join a team that values respect and a safe, stimulating work environment that is constantly evolving.


At Cendrex, our employees are unique, just like their backgrounds. We value the diversity of our team because it is one of our strengths. We have team members from 17 countries, speaking more than 10 languages. At Cendrex, our doors are wide open not only to the ethnocultural diversity but also to women in manufacturing, people with physical or intellectual limitations, and people of every sexual orientation.




At Cendrex, we make doors, but we also want to open them. With our dedicated employees and fine-tuned methods, we manufacture superior quality access doors, mailboxes, roof hatches and floor hatches to meet any need. The secret of our success? Our employees. Since 1985, our corporate culture has been based on respect, inclusion and attention to detail. Our workers thrive in a safe and healthy environment that fosters teamwork and continuous improvement. Whether you are looking for solutions to your business needs or new career opportunities, you can count on Cendrex!