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An innovative and visionary company

At Cendrex, we are intent on offering you nothing but the best. Here, both our employees and executives share a commitment to basic values such as respect, integrity, rigor and ongoing improvement. They spare no effort to ensure that our innovative and visionary company remains the leader in its field. You can rely on the Cendrex team for access products of peerless quality produced in record time.   

A brief history of a great company

The Cendrex story dates back to the 1980s — a time when anti-smoking campaigns were becoming increasingly aggressive. Visionaries, Cendrex’s founders viewed the introduction and proliferation of regulations banning smoking inside buildings as an outstanding business opportunity. In response, in 1985, they established Cendrex and began producing ashtrays for building exteriors. Our company whose name, it should be noted, is derived from cendrier, the French word for ashtray, met with notable success from the outset.  Subsequently, it broadened its activities to include the production of access panels and mailboxes.

Company, Cendrex

International in scope

Since then, Cendrex has pursued its efforts to diversify through the developments of new markets. As rapid as it has been sustained, its growth has made it a key player in the design and production of innovative access panels, floor and roof hatches, as well as mailboxes.


Today, thanks to an extensive network of distributors, we serve companies and distributors in the construction and renovation sector, primarily on the North American market. We continue to be distinguished by access products of superior quality such as plumbing trap doors, roof hatches, floor hatches, stainless steel access doors, attic access panels, fire rated access panels, among others.  Our products are manufactured according to the most rigorous processes, in an environment focused on on-going improvement, where every effort is made to minimize our environmental footprint.

Company, Cendrex

Awards and distinctions

Our work has been rewarded by a number of recognitions in recent years. Among these, we note:    

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