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Why Cendrex


To opt for Cendrex is to opt for a true leader distinguished by the quality of its products, its outstanding service, and the best delivery times in the industry!  

To opt for Cendrex is to benefit, as well, from the expertise of our representatives and customer service agents — attentive professionals who will help you select the products best suited to your needs.

Why Cendrex, Cendrex

Exceptional products

At Cendrex, we’re proud of offering you products of superior esthetics and matchless quality that allow you to earn credits from a number of recognized certification products, including LEED v4. Better yet, to give you more and stand out from the competition, we offer an extensive range of exclusive models. 

Why Cendrex, Cendrex

Fast and easy installation

Our products are designed to cut installation time and costs to a minimum, a clear advantage for our customers. With the FlexiSnap, our clients can install this magnetic access panel in under 2 minutes with no renovation expertise whatsoever and limited number of special tools and equipment.

Why Cendrex, Cendrex

Production in record time

Our odd-size products* are produced in record time: just 5 business days! while products that are fully customized to your specifications are manufactured in just 10 business days!

These are the best production times in the industry: an advantage that can make all the difference when it comes to meeting deadlines!

*10 days lead time for floor hatches and 15 days lead time for the GFRG, the ALUMI (RAL) and rood hatches.

Great product availability

To ensure that our products are widely available, we stock a wide range of standard products in our 10 warehouses strategically located throughout North America.

Our warehouses are located in Montreal as well as in the following states:

  • New Jersey 
  • Florida 
  • Illinois 
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • California 
  • Pennsylvania 

In addition, Cendrex’s products are available throughout North America, due to an extensive network of major construction material distributors and renovation centers.

Exceptional reliability

To ensure ongoing improvement, we have spared no effort to optimize our production processes and inventory management. The result: on-time delivery with an efficiency rate exceeding 99% — a level of performance of which we are rightfully quite proud!      

*10 days lead time for floor hatches and 15 days lead time for the GFRG, the ALUMI (RAL) and rood hatches.

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Forge a true partnership with a growing company whose excellence has been recognized with a number of awards and distinctions