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Update – Cendrex’s status during the public health crisis

Update – Montreal, March 27th, 2020: 

Due to the health crisis, many telephone providers are currently experiencing a large volume of calls, which is overwhelming their network. As a result, Cendrex’s toll-free number is encountering some disruptions. If you hear the following message “The person you are trying to reach is unavailable at the moment, please try again later,” or if their is simply no dial tone, we urge you to employ these alternatives methods:



Also, we remind you that you can request a quote directly through our website at For more information on how to request a quote, please read the following article:


Lastly, we thank you for your cooperation. We are committed to keeping you informed of all developments.


The Cendrex team.

Update – Montreal, March 25th, 2020: 

Due to the high number of calls made to our public health care system, we are experiencing some difficulty with our toll-free number (1 800 479-1489). Our customer service representatives are working from home and are available to answer your questions. However, we urge our international clients to communicate with us via email ([email protected]).


The Cendrex team.

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