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Do you have high standards for your projects? Are you continuously raising the bar? You’ll love the FlexiSnap® blog. It provides a host of tips and tricks that will help you optimize your projects’ aesthetics while increasing your efficiency thanks to the magnetized FlexiSnap® access panel, an outstanding Cendrex product!

An attractive and innovative panel

Developed in Montreal and designed with the utmost of care, FlexiSnap® is an innovative access door that not only allows you to conceal wires and pipes that can detract from a room’s decor but provides quick access to these elements. Adjustable and magnetized, it is also extremely sturdy.


Electric wires, electronic cables, under-counter pipes, laundry room water inlets…the FlexiSnap® allows you to conceal them all, beautifully. Made in Canada, this adjustable magnetized access door is strongly built and can be installed in record time thanks to powerful magnets. In short, it is a simple and innovative solution adopted by many DIYers, contractors and renovators throughout North America.

Install with considerable ease

The FlexiSnap® can easily be installed in less than two minutes without the use of studs, saving you both time and money. In fact, for contractors, its use can result in cost savings of at least 35%. For example, opting for 50 FlexiSnap® instead of the traditional model can have a positive impact on your bottom line! Savings on labor alone can be close to $1,000, which is a number everyone can appreciate!

LEED certification

It should be noted that the installation of the FlexiSnap® can help earn points towards LEED certification and other similar programs. This product is a highly interesting ecological asset for any company!

A visit is warranted!

Before carrying out your next project, visit the where you’ll find a wealth of bright and inspiring ideas on the use of the FlexiSnap®. We know you’ll love it!
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