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How to use our new Cendrex website?

For months, we have been working tirelessly on our new website to facilitate our customers’ search for innovative products and automate the process of requesting a quote. Our website is now responsive, so you can consult it anywhere using your phone, tablet or desktop! To gain a better understanding of our site, we invite you to read the following article.

Navigate through our product catalog like an expert

Our product catalog is quite extensive since we have a variety of quality access doors, mailboxes, roof and floor hatches that can meet everyone’s needs! Follow these steps to find your perfect product.

  1. Click on the PRODUCT tab to browse through our catalog.
  2. There are a variety of filters that can help you narrow your search efficiently. Choose a product category or select among the different characteristics (e.g., material, locking mechanism, etc.) to find what you are looking for!
  3. If ever you want to change your filters, click on the red button (X) and pick another one for a more accurate search.

Consult our product pages and make an informed decision

While creating our new website, we thoughtfully organized our product pages, so they can accommodate all the necessary information you may need to make the right decision.

  • Every product page features high-quality pictures and a short product description.
  • The specifications, the technical drawings as well as the technical documentation are available on each product page. This information varies depending on your choice of access door.

Request an odd size access door

We are also aware that the given dimensions might not be what you are looking for. Not to worry! Click on the ODD SIZE tab and fill out the form. Necessarily, this form allows you to indicate the desired dimensions. After submitting your request, you will receive a quote regarding your personalized choices.

How do I request a quote?

By requesting a quote directly through our website, you can save a lot of time! Follow these steps and get one today!

  1. Choose a product for which you wish to receive a quote.
  2. Select a dimension and indicate the quantity. The number can be altered by clicking the + and – signs or by writing the amount directly into the box.
  3. Click on ADD TO QUOTE.
  4. To view your quote, you can either click on QUOTE DETAILS or YOUR QUOTE.
  5. Once you are done browsing, select YOUR QUOTE and fill out the form. However, if you wish to request an additional quote, you are not required to fill out the entire form since your data will have been preserved due to the use of cookies.
  6. Once the form is completed, submit it, and a member of our customer service department will quickly contact you.

Finally, whether you are looking for a product or requesting a quote, our new and improved site is at your disposal for any inquiries you may have.

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